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 NautiCloud Wifi Range Explorer



Better WIFI Connectivity Onboard and Offboard

Would you spend more time onboard relaxing if you had an easy to install, high-power wifi solution for your yacht? Get better offboard and onboard wireless connections for you, your family and friends, and your boat.

  • Features

    • No USB or network (RJ45) connection required. Only WIFI.

    • 12 volt DC powered.

    • Easy to Install. Simply mount, power, connect.

    • Personalized wifi network onboard.

    • High-powered wifi network link offboard.

    • No software to install.

    • Take it with you to your other boat or vacation home. Bareboating. RoadTrip. Wherever.

Problem getting a solid wifi connection? You need NautiCloud power. Most devices that you want to use with wifi connections (iPad, iPhone, laptop, notebook, camera) have antennas that are designed to be used in close proximity to the access point (within 100 meters). On board a boat or when you are further away from the access point that need doesn’t change. So you are stuck with either unreliable connectivity or the need to remain close to the access point.

Our solution uses 12 volt DC battery power from your boat or power from a wall outlet to create a linked connection to nearby access points. The range is typically 25 times greater than normal range from a typical home router. So instead of getting frustrated by poor connectivity for your devices, connect to the NautiCloud onboard wireless network and let the NautiCloud network automatically maintain the internet connectivity.


  phone: +1 617 381 4034